Lo Stagnone Nature Reserve

Lo Stagnone Lagoon is a one of a kind Nature Reserve extending between Trapani and Marsala

Villa Licari Stagnone is located right in the main kitesurfing area of the Isole dello Stagnone Nature Reserve in Marsala. Lo Stagnone represents a world-renowned travel destination for archaeological, artistic, eno-gastronomic, and sports toursism, absolutely unmissable for those who choose to visit Marsala and the province of Trapani.

Enjoy a Sea View Accommodation

From the wide rooftop terrace of Villa Licari Stagnone, our guests will have the chance to enjoy an incredible 360 ° open view of the Natural Reserve. In addition to the Lagoon and the Stagnone Islands, from the attic you can admire the surrounding vineyards, the tower of San Teodoro facing the open sea, the Aeolian Islands, and Mount Erice.

The smaller terrace located on the ground floor is ideal for enjoying moments of true peace and relaxation. For example, drinking an excellent glass of fresh Sicilian white wine DOC (recommended by us) coupled with some traditional artisanal pastries, while breathing that fresh, clean, and salty air that characterizes the Stagnone Lagoon.

The classic Sunsets on
the Stagnone Lagoon

Every evening, the amazing colors of the sun setting over the sea in the middle of the Aeolian Islands, reflected by the perfectly flat water of the lagoon, give life to a breathtaking spectacle that you will never get tired of watching, day after day.

Recently become even more famous thanks to a recent appearance in National Geographic, at Lo Stagnone lagoon you will have the opportunity to take the photoshoot of your life.

The Marsala Salt Flats

Our B&B is at a short distance from the Contrada Spagnola, where it is possible to visit the Mills of the Marsala Salt flats, another tourist attraction of the area that has become internationally famous.

Along the coasts of the Stagnone, on the Isola Lunga, and on the road to Trapani, it is possible to admire the traditional salt pans which, in summer, take on their typical pink color.

It is also possible to visit the Marsala Salt Museum, where you can see how the Sicilian salt masters produce the salt that we use every day.

The Motya Island

Another notorious attraction at a short distance from our B&B is the island of Motya, right in the center of the lagoon. To visit the Island you can take a boat from the jetty in the Contrada Spagnola, just a few minutes away.

Motya (also known as “Mothia” or “Mozia” in the Italian language) is a small island site of an important Phoenician colony that became a powerful city in the area. Its surface is scattered with archaeological finds through which it is possible to walk freely, feeling the sensation of having gone back in time.

The island also hosts the Whitaker Museum, an exposition of artifacts from the Giuseppe Whitaker Collection and excavations carried out on the island. The most famous piece of art is the Motya Charioteer, which you can see in the picture, dating around 450 BC.

Marsala Wine Tasting and Wineries Tours

A holiday at Lo Stagnone would not be complete without a tasting session of local DOC Sicilian wines and a tour to visit the vineyards and the cellars of the Marsalese wineries.

The staff of Villa Licari Stagnone will be glad to organize for our guests tasting sessions of Marsala wines and tours of the wineries affiliated with us: 

Cantine BirgiCantine Fina, and the renowned Donnafugata historic winery in Marsala.